So, you’re looking to dive into email marketing are ya? Congratulations, you just took the step that many small business owners refuse to take. Building your email list is the first step that you should be focusing on, so I applaud you for taking the leap!

Before you spend $20/month on an email marketing provider, give these free ones a shot! You can ALWAYS upgrade or change later, so do yourself a favor and save a few bucks at the start (because trust me, every little subscription adds up big-time).

1. MailerLite

-1,000 subscribers
-No email limit
-Automations, landing pages and reports

My personal favorite is MailerLite. Why? Because it is SO user-friendly. Their free plan offers unlimited emails and all the features you need in an email marketing provider (like campaigns, automation, opt-informs, landing pages, and more!) Even after hitting the 1,000 subscriber mark, I still chose to stay with MailerLite on an upgraded plan. That’s how much I love it.

What they can improve on: While their platform is incredibly easy to navigate, their templates have now been limited to premium plans, requiring you to build your own. Once you build one you love, however, you can keep reusing it.

Who will love it: Everyone! MailerLite is the platform I suggest to any and every beginner because it is so easy to use. The learning curve compared to other platforms is unbeatable. No matter what your business is, MailerLite’s free plan beats out the rest, hands-down.

Photo by MailerLite

2. MailChimp

-2,000 subscribers
-12,000 emails p/m
-List management
-Mobile features

Perhaps the most popular email marketing provider out there, MailChimp is another great option if you are looking for something that is user-friendly and filled with free features. 

What they can improve on: They claim to be the “worlds largest marketing automation platform”, but I have found that their platform is lacking a little bit when it comes to automation. Their marketing editor is not as user-friendly as I think it could be, and it tends to confuse the average joe who isn’t super tech-savvy.

Who will love it: Business owners who want professional looking emails and a lot of analytics. You can’t make the prettiest emails here, but MailChimp is notorious for professional-looking automations. MailChimp is especially great if you are already familiar with how email marketing works, as it is not as intuitive as MailerLite.

3. Sender

-2,500 subscribers
-15,000 emails  p/m
-Autoresponders + transactional emails

Sender is another great option for free email marketing. Because it is a less popular option, you’ll find it a little trickier to integrate with your website or other platforms in your business if they do not offer direct integration as an option. Like MailChimp, you are limited on email output. So while the 2,500 subscriber limit may seem generous, you won’t be able to send you entire list many emails when you do hit that limit. Nonetheless, it is a great option and you can always upgrade later.

What they can improve on: Integrations are so limited, making it harder to use with your website or eCommerce platform. For me, this is huge! If you can’t easily integrate your email marketing provider with your website, you’re not as able to collect emails directly from your site with ease.

Who will love it: If you are looking for an easy-to-use platform and don’t plan on integrating it with your website, Sender is a great option for you.

Photo by Sender

Whatever your email marketing needs are, you are sure to find a platform that you love. The beauty of free plans is that you can test a few different providers out without committing to a premium subscription.

Do you have an email marketing provider you love? Leave it in the comments below!