There are two things a potential follower looks at right off the bat before deciding to follow/engage with you: your overall feed appearance and your bio! While I always say Instagram is a very VISUAL platform, the quality of your pictures and the pretty preset you’re using isn’t the only thing a potential follower cares about.

First, they want to know right off the bat who you are and what you do. If they have to dig for that information, chances are they won’t be sticking around. Not only that, they want to know how to contact you or where to go next, so a link or email address is crucial if you’re looking to book clients or gain customers.

There are a few obvious things you need to have on your Instagram bio, but there are also some tips and tricks to help it stand out from the rest.

1. Utilize the “name” area of your bio to include your top keyword

It’s no secret that you can search a keyword to find profiles the same way you search a name to find someone’s profile, but it doesn’t just work with hashtags! Utilizing this name area for a keyword is a great hack to increase the visibility of your profile. 

This is especially true if you already have your name in your handle. Having just your username in this name field is a lost opportunity for increased reach. This is why I replaced “Kellie Lynn Media” in the name area for “Kellie | Web/Brand Designer”. No need to say it twice! Now, I can use the rest of the bio for other important topics other than what I do.

2. Use a hashtag and tag any related account

Hashtags work in your bio the same way they work in your posts! Be sure to use one in your bio, especially if you have one unique to your business. If you have another account that pertains to the profile you are using, be sure to include that too! Don’t just assume people know all the places they can find you.

3. Be sure your profile category is correct

If you are a web designer or social media manager, don’t use “Influencer” or “Public Figure” for your profile category. This is another great way to tell people a little more about what you do! Don’t see the category you want in the business profile options? Consider switching over to a “Creator” profile instead!

4. Be mindful about the link you put in your bio

The biggest mistake I see people make with their bio is not including an appropriate link for their business. If you are promoting an event and choose to swap out your website link for that link, you are doing your website a disservice! There are great ways to include multiple links in this area of your bio.

One great tool you can use is Linktree, but what I highly recommend is building out a page on your website with links instead! See below to view what my Instagram Page looks like.

5. Don’t make people dig for your email

Include your email in your bio. Just do it! From my experience, people are WAY less likely to click the little “Email” area of your bio than they are to just copy/paste your email. Make it as easy as possible for your potential clients/customers to reach out to you.

6. Don’t be afraid to use emojis

Yes, you can easily overdo emojis in your bio, but including a couple on-brand emojis is a great way to break up text and make it easier for people to read. PLUS, emojis are great for adding personality to text. 

7. Keep it short and sweet

Don’t try to say too much. Keep it short, sweet and to the point. Check out the images below to see how I transformed a client’s Instagram Bio!