Feeling uninspired when it comes to what to post on Instagram? I’ve been there. Coming up with fresh ideas to post every day can be exhausting and overwhelming. You don’t want to put posts out on your profile just to get content out. You want to post with intention and inspiration every day, but sometimes inspiration doesn’t strike when you need it to. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you next time you feel stuck.

#1 Create a Flatlay

Flatlays are a fabulous way to tell a story and wow Instagram followers. For the best results, take your flatlays in natural light, directly above in birdseye view. You can keep it simple (like the one pictured), or make it busy by adding little items here-and-there. Play around with lighting, backgrounds, and items! Check out #MyWhiteTable for some inspiration for your next flatlay!

#2 Show your Office for the Day

These are some of my favorite pictures to take. I love exploring my city and finding cute and “Insta-worthy” coffee shops. Here you can take a flatlay, or snap a pic of your surroundings! Don’t forget to tag the location for an added bonus! You may even get featured on their Instagram! Hello new local followers!

#3 Snap a Pic of Your Food or Drink

This one can be tricky, especially if you aren’t in natural light. Take the pic from above your food (much like a flatlay), or from further back at a slight angle. Aoid super close-up shots. Great styling, composition, and lighting is the key to this shot and, if you can, get your hands in the frame too! I’ve learned they get more engagement – the power of human connection!

#4 Custom Inspirational Quote Graphics

Inspirational quotes are a great way to show what you’re working towards, or how you are feeling in the moment. Is there a quote you try to live by? Jump on Canva or Easil and create a stunning graphic of your own!

#5 Find an “Insta-Worthy” Wall

Whether it’s you standing in front of the wall, or your ice cream/coffee stealing the show, an Insta-worthy wall is a great way to spruce up your Instagram. Grab a friend for a coffee and head out to explore your city/town. Walls are a great place to get creative, you may even find yourself leaving with many more shots to spread out over the months when you get stuck again! Pro Tip #1: Take a few different shirts, hats or sunnies so you’re prepared for any color combo! Pro Tip #2: Don’t focus on the cars or people passing by. Be yourself and get creative! You’ll thank yourself later when you’re editing a batch of FIRE shots from your mini-shoot. Want some Inspiration? My favorite hashtag to follow for these is #walltraveled

#6 The Classic Selfie, with a Twist

Unless you are showing off your makeup or hair, I strongly encourage you to switch up your selfie from the classic “selfie” (a.k.a holding out your iPhone in front of your face in your bedroom). Instead, get a friend or set a timer to snap a more creative shot. Pro Tip: If you’re using your phone, check to see if it has Portrait Mode. This takes your shot from amateur to professional in an instant!

#7 Someone Else’s Pic!

With credit of course! I LOVE doing this when I feel stuck. Not only does it give my Instagram a little aesthetic boost, but it gives me a chance to support other bloggers/solopreneurs like myself. Added bonus: filing through the explore page for a re-gram worthy pic is a great way to get inspiration for your own pictures! This one is from @house_of_o.u.r.s (ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO CREDIT THE ACCOUNT YOU GOT THE PICTURE FROM! STEALING ISN’T COOL.)

#8 Your Workspace

This is the perfect opportunity to snap a pic of your new site or blog post to share with your followers. Put your computer in front of a cute background, or place some of your favorite workplace essentials next to it. This is also a great aesthetic-boosting technique for your feed, especially if you have a cute office or workspace! For inspiration, check out #Workspace for some ideas!

Still worried about not having enough content?

Stock up on images! Take pictures of EVERYTHING that matches your brand. The coffee mug at breakfast, the wall on the way to the store, your new swimsuit, etc. It’s better to have too many pictures in your arsenal than not enough!