360 Brand Academy

Okay, you have an idea…  now what?

Instagram, email lists, Pinterest, SEO, Facebook ads, there are SO many things you can choose to focus on when starting your business. But where should you start?

I know how overwhelming it can be to launch a business. There are 5 people telling you one thing and 5 people telling you another. So who do you listen to?

The truth is, you have to do what works for YOU and your goals, and that’s different for everybody.

Looking for some guidance?

If pouring through endless podcasts and blog posts isn’t getting you where you need to go, it’s time to try something new.

You need a plan.

You need action items.

You need a new way of doing things.

That’s where I come in.


Introducing… the 360 Brand Academy

This is a complete 4-month Intensive Program designed to hone in on what you want out of your business and provide you with actionable steps to make that happen. Together, we’ll create a breakthrough business strategy that is entirely aligned with your goals and your vision.

What’s  included:


8 1-hour bi-weekly strategy calls over 4 months

Each month will focus on a different aspect of your business. These strategy calls will cover your current strategy, a new strategy going forward, and actionable steps to transitioning to the new strategy to see optimal growth for your business.

Calls are via ZOOM or in-person, depending on location.



Your choice of 1 pre-made visual brand or $75 off my custom visual branding package.


Your choice of 1 pre-made website or $100 off my custom website packages


1 set of Custom Instagram Highlights ($25 value)


Month One


-Adjusting (or creating) your website (or web page) to display the message you want your audience to see

-Nailing down your target market

-Writing a killer About page

-Determining your offerings + expertise

-Developing your visual brand



Month Two


-Social media audit

-Determining which platforms are right for your business

-Instagram stories 101

-Actionable advice and easy-to-implement next steps for improving your strategy

-How to reach your target audience and grow your accounts


Month Three


-Current email marketing audit

-Creating a freebie that your audience actually wants and using that information to determine your offerings

-How to create a beautiful eBook or guide

-How to promoting your freebie to build your email list

-Creating your landing page


Month Four


-Pricing your products/services

-Creating excitement and interest in your offerings

-Revamping your current offerings so they speak to your audience

-How to promote your offering to your audience

-How to effectively launch your offerings


The secret to success as an entrepreneur lies in the quality of your systems.

If you don’t have solid systems that are working together to achieve a common goal, you’re not going to see the results you want. The truth is, it takes a collective effort from all channels and every aspect of your business to produce these types of results.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or revamping your strategies, I can help get you where you need to go.

Stop waiting for a miracle.

If you’re looking for an easy fast track to success… this ain’t it. If you’re looking for a mentorship program that will provide you with smart and actionable steps that you can start taking immediately, welcome to the 360 Brand Academy.

What the 360 brand collective academy is NOT


A cookie cutter program. Every business is different and should be treated that way


A group coaching program. All of my mentorship programs are 1-on-1.


A hand-holding program. You have to do the work. I will be there to guide you in the right direction, but I can't do the work for you.

What the 360 brand collective academy IS:


A 4 month mentorship program designed to provide clear and actionable steps towards your unique goals


A 360 approach to your business strategy, covering everything from social media to email marketing


A way to reconnect with your why and hone in on your vision for your business


A program to help you cross off your business to-dos in a timely and efficient way, so you can get back to what truly matters to you


A program designed to help you get from "where do I start?" to full client rosters and sold out programs

Your Investment:

Pay in full: $699


Payment plan: $190/month for 4 months

About  Kellie


I love serving my clients by keeping it real, sharing the hardships and the struggles that go into entrepreneurship, and screaming to the mountains about the amazing things that keep me loving the entrepreneur life. Why? Because I want to motivate and encourage YOU to live your truth too.

I am the owner of an online Website Design and Branding boutique called Kellie Lynn Media. I Created the 360 Brand Collective to provide resources and value to aspiring and current entrepreneurs looking for a little help with their business. Whether that’s social media, email marketing, or web design, I want to be a resource for you.

I have a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and took my business from part-time to full-time in 3 months. Now, I’ve made it my mission to help others do the same.

Frequently asked Questions

Is this a group coaching program?

No! All of our calls are 1-on-1 and every strategy developed is entirely your own.

How do we determine if we are a good fit?

We will begin with a free consultation call to determine if we are a good fit! I want to feel like we are a good fit just as much as I want YOU to feel like we are a good fit. That’s when the magic happens!

What if i'm not quite sure what i want my business to be yet?

No problem!

If you’re at ground zero, my Mentorship Sessions are where we should begin. The 360 Brand Academy is for people who already know what type of business they want to run and are looking for next steps.

My 90-minute Mentorship Sessions are when we will determine what your strengths are and what type of business you should build.

Once we determine this, we can begin the 360 Brand Academy.

What if i already have a brand and a website I love?

That’s amazing! We don’t need to change a thing! The bonuses are not requirements and are only there to aid you if you need it.

What if I don't use instagram for my business?

If you don’t see Instagram as a viable resource for your business, that is not a problem, however, this program is not for you. Instagram strategy is a big component of business and marketing strategy for digital businesses, so if you don’t think it fits in with your target market or your offerings, you won’t benefit as much from this program.

Not sure if your business belongs on Instagram? Shoot me an email!


I don’t! Because we work side-by-side to build your business strategy, there is no reason we won’t be able to develop one that works for your business.

If you put in the work, you will see growth.

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